More Louisiana medical grads staying home

    Half of the 181 graduating medical students from LSU Health New Orleans who participated in last Friday’s Match Day will remain in Louisiana to finish their physician training.

    These results are an indicator to the future of Louisiana’s health care workforce, as a higher number of physicians end up launching their practice in states where they trained, reports.  

    In all, 89 of 181 LSU Health New Orleans students chose to stay in-state, an increase of some 3% from last year. About 81% of those staying in-state will begin an LSU Health residency program on July 1, up from last year when about 75% of those who chose to stay in Louisiana matched with an LSU residency program.

    The percentage of LSU Health New Orleans medical graduates going into primary care is 54 % this year compared to 49.7% last year. Some of the specialties in primary care include family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics-gynecology and pediatrics. Read the full story.


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