More details emerge on Gov. Landry’s plan for rewriting the Louisiana Constitution

    A preliminary plan released Wednesday shows that delegates tapped by the Louisiana Legislature and Gov. Jeff Landry would meet for nearly two months over the summer to rewrite the Louisiana Constitution, Louisiana Illuminator reports.

    State Rep. Beau Beaullieu, R-New Iberia, submitted House Bill 800 outlining the process for overhauling the current constitution, which was adopted 50 years ago during Edwin Edwards’ first term as governor. 

    Beaullieu’s proposal must be approved by two-thirds of each legislative chamber before the convention can convene. Landry doesn’t appear to have the votes yet to do so, particularly in the Louisiana Senate. 

    If it passes, the plan calls for 171 delegates, comprising 144 state lawmakers and 27 other people Landry would select, to run the constitution-writing process. The convention would take place in the House of Representatives’ chamber, and possibly other places in Baton Rouge if they run out of space at the state Capitol.

    Private donors would be allowed to finance the convention’s activities, though they would be required to disclose their names and the amount of their donations. Public funding could also be used, according to the bill.

    Voters would still have to approve any new constitution the convention delegates write. Should they finish their proposal, it would be on the November ballot and could go into effect in 2025. 

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