Millennial Park seeks rezoning, alcohol permits to add sports bar, daiquiri shop

    Wanting to open a sports bar and daiquiri shop on its Florida Boulevard campus, Millennial Park has submitted applications to the Planning Commission and the Alcoholic Beverage Control office to rezone the property in order to serve alcohol.

    Developer Cameron Jackson, who announced his plans to open Baton Rouge’s first shipping container retail development eight months ago, hopes to secure both permits around the same time so that the sports bar, called Husl Bar, can open its 40-foot container by January—the same time he wants to open the daiquiri shop, called The Daq Spot.

    “Adding alcohol to the mix would be beneficial for the park, since I want it to be a place where you can spend your entire day,” says Jackson, a 24-year-old Baton Rouge native. “It’s been requested from a lot of our guests, so we put our heads together and decided it was something we needed to do.”

    Husl Bar and The Daq Spot would join the three containers—Jive Turkey, Royal Taste of Jamaica and Memphis Mac BBQ—that already operate at the site, as well as two other containers housing a snowball stand and a salad shop, which should both be complete within the next month.

    Despite opening this summer, during the pandemic, Jackson says the development has received a warm reception so far. Furthermore, with LSU canceling on-campus tailgating for the 2020 football season, Jackson says he’s planning for Millennial Park to host tailgating parties, for which he’ll receive temporary alcohol permits.

    “Both [the sports bar and the daiquiri shop] can definitely be used for LSU game days,” he says. “We want to see how we can capitalize on that.”