Microsoft to shut down Windows 7

    Millions of computers that use Microsoft’s Windows 7 will no longer receive fixes and security patches within less than one year.

    Almost a decade after its 2009 initial release, the software giant is stamping “end-of-life” on its popular operating system, The Houston Chronicle reports. But there’s a big problem: For many businesses around the world, Windows 7 remains a mainstay of their technology environment.

    Many of those companies have sunk millions of dollars into software and computers and are now racing against the clock to upgrade to Windows 10, the newest version of the software.

    It can be expensive to upgrade, but there will be a significant cost should companies miss the January 14, 2020, deadline and still require security patches to keep their PCs and networks secure. Big-business procrastinators will still be able to get security patches, but Microsoft will start charging for them and the price will increase more each year.

    Microsoft doesn’t typically report on the number of machines that still run Windows 7, but it did say last October that Windows 10 had finally passed the 50% point in business use. Read the full story.

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