McCollister: Counting Baton Rouge’s past and future assets 

    Rolfe McCollister Business ReportIt was 2004 after returning from the chamber’s canvas trip to Austin that we first took inventory of our own Capital Region assets in a special publication, writes newly retired Business Report founder Rolfe McCollister in his latest opinion piece. 

    There were many things that we could point to with pride back then, and many remain as assets and earn a featured role in this year’s edition. But there have been numerous new assets added to our community over the last 18 years—with some new and exciting projects in the works for our future.

    We are often envious of other growing cities and what they offer as we envision the next 10 years. But it’s always important to pause, reflect and discover that our glass is more than half full. As the strongest economy in Louisiana for the last decade, other cities in the state are envious of us. But we can’t rest on our laurels.

    Our competition is not our neighbor cities, but rather places like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham and Tampa in the quest for corporations, entrepreneurs, a talented, young workforce, retirees and families.

    What assets will attract such people to move here—or keep those already here from leaving? 

    Read McCollister’s full column, where he describes some assets that could help improve Baton Rouge and draw people in. He also writes about the success of Frisco, Texas, one of the fastest-growing cities in America.