Massive generators ready to power Renaissance, Watermark hotels ahead of Barry

    If Baton Rouge residents lose power as Tropical Storm Barry barrels toward Louisiana this weekend, they won’t have to look far for temporary accommodations.

    Two local hotels, the Renaissance and the Watermark, are gearing up for the storm by bringing in 2,000-kilowatt generators to power the buildings if Baton Rouge loses electricity, says local developer Mike Wampold, who owns both hotels. 

    “We’re bringing in generators to power the hotels starting this afternoon through the weekend in case of power outages in Baton Rouge,” Wampold says.

    The hotels will still charge regular rates for those looking for accommodations during the storm.

    The massive generators have been shipped on 18-wheelers, he says, adding that the Renaissance and Watermark have built-in adaptations for this purpose. 

    “We built both hotels with a big port wired into the building, with cables and so forth, where we can power up the whole building,” Wampold says. 

    The Watermark Hotel was built in downtown Baton Rouge in 2016, while the Renaissance Hotel on Bluebonnet Boulevard was developed in 2011.

    Forecasters predict Tropical Storm Barry, which formed in the Gulf of Mexico this week, to become a hurricane as it moves toward Louisiana’s coast. The slow-moving storm is expected to make landfall Saturday, bringing substantial rain and damaging winds, according to the National Weather Service. 

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