Mary Bird Perkins will become the first in the nation to use this AI technology

    Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. (Marie Constantin)

    Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center on Thursday announced that it has partnered with Gray Oncology Solutions, a Canadian software company that uses AI and data science to enhance and streamline cancer care operations.

    Through the partnership, Mary Bird Perkins will become the first cancer care organization in the U.S. to deploy a “workload-reducing technology” developed by Gray Oncology Solutions. The software is designed to reduce wait times and administrative tasks.

    The technology automatically accounts for patient preferences and resource availability when scheduling appointments and empowers clinical teams to anticipate bottlenecks and monitor operations through predictive analytics and advanced dashboards.

    According to a statement from Mary Bird Perkins, the software has the potential to reduce scheduling time by 80% and reduce training time for administrative staff by 50%.

    “Through this significant partnership with Gray Oncology Solutions, we believe we can greatly enhance our radiation therapy services by offering more streamlined and accessible care to cancer patients,” says Mary Bird Perkins Chief of Physics Sotirios Stathakis.