Mary Bird Perkins partners with tech firm to expand cancer screenings 

    Mary Bird Perkins-Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center announced today it has partnered with Denver-based health and tech company Eon to improve its lung cancer screening program. 

    The cancer center will use Eon’s artificial intelligence technology to review patients’ scans with the aim of catching potentially cancerous nodules earlier and track patients’ health over time. Eon will be used at Mary Bird Perkins-OLOL Cancer Center, LSU Health North Baton Rouge Clinic, OLOL Ascension, OLOL Livingston and Lake Imaging Center.  

    Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., accounting for almost 25% of all cancer deaths. It is often diagnosed at a late stage, but early screening is one way to diagnose it more quickly and has reduced mortality by up to 20%. 

    Eon uses computational linguistics, a discipline of artificial intelligence to extract abnormal findings and clinically relevant information from radiology reports. Using machine learning and advanced business logic, Eon automates tasks for low-risk patients, while triaging high-risk patients for provider review.