Making diversity matter in your workplace 

    When millennials took the baton from the baby boomers last year as the largest generation in the workforce, they also quickly stepped into their role also as the most diverse generation in U.S. history.

    At 75 million strong, 44% of millennials are minorities, according to a Brookings Institution report issued last year, and they’re busy shaping the workplace to how they want it. Along with snazzy offices and flexible work schedules, the young generation is also marking diversity and inclusion on their #workwishlists.

    Companies that are intentionally diverse and inclusive, says Cheri Ausberry—chair of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber’s diversity and inclusion committee, and director of community development for Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center—help bolster the local economy to make international connections.

    “It affects the economy,” Ausberry says. “We do need to be open and global in how we provide services to consumers.”

    Business Report recently asked Stephanie Benedetti, vice president of Lighthouse Louisiana, and Roderic F. Teamer, director of diversity programs and business development for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, to share how their companies are creating appropriate diverse and inclusive working environments. Both companies recently won BRAC’s Diversity Star Award.

    Read the full story from Business Report to see what they had to say.  

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