Major carriers, state AGs are working to combat robocalls

    Major phone companies are telling the country’s state attorneys general that they will do more to thwart robocalls.

    It’s the latest step from government and industry to combat the growing problem. Americans get nearly 5 billion calls from scammers, telemarketers, debt collectors and others every month. In Louisiana cell phone users are getting as many as 27 scammer calls per month, according to YouMail, a robocall blocking service provider. 

    The agreement echoes some steps already taken by regulators and Congress, which is working on anti-robocall, two of which are making their way through the House and Senate.

    The state AGs say phone companies will offer call-blocking tools free to all but traditional landline users. They will also block calls for everyone at the network level. The Federal Communications Commission has called on phone companies to block unwanted calls and expects carriers not to charge. It also calls on them to make sure caller ID numbers are real, not faked. However, the agreement doesn’t have a timeline.

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