LSU’s newest LIFT2 grants go to classroom technologies 

    While the data revolution is transforming every industry sector, the university classroom is also undergoing transformation. To meet current and future industry demands, university professors, especially in business, technology, data and analytics, are evolving their teaching methods to develop and train the students who will be the workforce of the future.

    “No longer can professors stand behind a podium and simply deliver a lecture while students take notes and absorb the material. Instead, the classroom of the future will need to be interactive and experiential,” says Andrew Schwarz, a professor with the LSU Stephenson Department of Entrepreneurship & Information Systems, who is an expert in how companies and individuals use information technology.

    While transforming his own classroom, Schwarz formed a partnership with a company called Wisdom Springboard that specializes in “gamification,” or the process of turning complex concepts into engaging games that can help students learn difficult concepts. 

    Schwarz’s project is one of the 12 new ideas the LSU Board of Supervisors has selected to support through its Leverage Innovation for Technology Transfer, or LIFT2, grants. In this 10th round of funding, the board funded a total of $497,545 to bridge the gap between research and commercialization for university faculty.

    Since 2014, 132 research projects have received funding in amounts up to $50,000 to develop market-facing prototypes. 

    In addition to Schwarz’ project, the 2019 LIFT2 fund will support the following 11 ideas: 

    A project from the department of psychology’s Alex Cohen, to commercialize smartphone technologies for psychiatric disorders.

    A project from the chemical engineering department’s Adam Melvin that will create a 3D Plate insert for use in labs that study biological and chemical engineering

    A bioreactor for large-scale experiments by Kidong Park of the division of electrical & computer engineering

    A specialized type of imaging machine created by Ingmar Schoegl from the department of mechanical and industrial engineering

    A DNA vaccine delivery system for poultry designed by Richard Cooper of the AgCenter school of animal sciences

    New biopsy technology for medical procedures involving the vocal cords by Michael Dunham, LSU Health New Orleans

    A specialized stent to help prevent internal leaking after abdominal surgery created by Ian Hodgdon, LSU Health New Orleans

    The HoldTen Suture anchor designed by Gerhard Mundinger, LSU Health New Orleans

    The development of a new screening method for a type of abdominal tumor designed by Eugene Woltering, LSU Health New Orleans

    New prostate cancer treatment developed by Guanyi Zhang, LSU Health New Orleans

    The development of esophageal stents by Hrishikesh Samant, LSU Health Shreveport

    See LSU’s full announcement. 

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