LSU scraps student fee increase proposal

    For the first year since 2015, LSU is not raising students fees—at least, for now. 

    Documents uploaded by the university supplementing its upcoming Board of Supervisors meeting agenda—which have since been removed—indicated that LSU had planned to increase the Student Excellence Fee by nearly 5%, or $294 per semester. 

    The school planned to use the estimated $12 million in net revenues from the fee on four things: unfunded mandated expenses; continuing and transfer student enrollment decline; institutional expenses such as faculty, promotions, financial aid increases, utility increases and information technology; and a potential faculty and staff merit raise program. 

    By this afternoon, however, the recommendation for the fee had been removed from the agenda packet for Friday’s meeting, and Media Relations Director Ernie Ballard III says there is no fee increase proposal up for discussion on the agenda, blaming a clerical error for it being included in the packet. The proposal was not intended to be part of the meeting materials. 

    LSU raised fees by $282 per student last year because of unfunded mandated expenses and faculty pay raises, and raised fees by $270 in 2017 for faculty and staff pay raises, as well as to support instruction and support services for the university. In 2016, LSU raised its student fees by $177 to enhance the student experience in and out of the classroom, and to support existing faculty and related academic support priorities, according to online records. 

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