LSU launches redesigned master’s program to address ‘critical’ teacher shortage

    LSU is launching its redesigned Master of Arts in Teaching for Grades 6-12, which allows professionals with a bachelor’s degree to accept salaried teaching positions with a provisional license while simultaneously enrolling in coursework toward their master’s and teacher certification.

    The new format comes one year after Louisiana superintendents and principals identified the most significant challenge as unavailability of qualified personnel, specifically principals and teachers. Principals note a major shortage of effective personnel, especially certified educators; in 2019, there were more than 9,300 teachers who were working out-of-field or were uncertified, according to the Educator Workforce Review.

    LSU officials say the School of Education has redesigned the Master of Art in Teaching, or MAT, program to address those needs as well as the needs of working adults looking to make a career change. Neil Mathews, the school’s director, says in a prepared statement the revamped program will particularly help place teachers in middle and high school math and science classrooms, which are currently experiencing “critical shortages.”

    The 15-month graduate program leads to a Louisiana teaching certificate in grades 6-12 and the MAT degree, which prepares teachers in English, math, social studies, biology, chemistry and physics. Candidates take much of the coursework in subject-area cohorts.

    Upon enrolling in a MAT program, candidates apply for a full-time teaching job with provisional licensure, teaching full-time while receiving a salary during the fall and spring while completing coursework. Read the full announcement.