LSU expands online degree offerings 

    LSU is launching five new online degree programs as well as a way to apply existing credits toward completing a degree this fall.  

    Two fully online undergraduate degrees programs—a Bachelor of Science in construction management and of Interdisciplinary Studies—will be launched in October, with students starting later in the month. 

    Three graduate degree programs—Master of Science in environmental science, Master of Science in civil engineering and Master of Arts in education with specialization in educational technology—will begin Sept. 2. 

    Additionally, LSU now offers students, including community college students, a way to complete their bachelor’s degree online by applying and transferring any college-level credits they have into the new online Bachelor in interdisciplinary studies degree program, which is customizable to students’ interests. Students enrolled in these programs will receive the same degree and diploma as an on-campus student. 

    “LSU Online is moving at start-up speed to create high-quality learning experiences with world-class customer service, backed by a sustainable, scalable model that will fuel LSU’s economic impact and enrollment growth,” says Sasha Thackaberry, vice provost of digital and continuing education at LSU. 

    The expansion of programs is one step in LSU’s goal to ultimately have 30,000 students enrolled in online programs—a number that would essentially match the number of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in face-to-face programs at LSU this past fall.

    Thackaberry was hired onto LSU early 2018 from Southern New Hampshire University, where she led a seismic shift in that institution’s online enrollments. The small, private liberal arts college near Manchester, New Hampshire is now nationally known for distance learning. SNHU offers more than 200 online degree programs to about 100,000 students.  

    Read the full announcement, and a recent Business Report feature about LSU’s work to expand digital offerings here.

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