LSU degree ROI ranks 4th among SEC schools, 225th in nation

    Students with bachelor’s degrees from LSU not only make the highest salaries among Louisiana’s public university graduates but—according to this year’s Payscale College Salary report—also see higher earnings at different career stages than the graduates of most other SEC institutions.

    Overall, LSU came in 225th among the 1,736 bachelor’s degree-granting schools in the nation that were included in this year’s report, which ranks colleges based on salary potential. Payscale tracks the median salaries for alumni with up to five years of experience (“early-career earnings”) as well as for alumni with 10 or more years of experience (“mid-career earnings”).

    Significantly, LSU graduates’ salary potential has increased in the past year. Within their first five years of employment, graduates can now expect to rake in $54,800 (up 5%), before bringing home some $102,900 in mid-career earnings (up 4%). 

    Statewide, that puts Louisiana’s flagship institution behind only the private Tulane University, where graduates are paid $56,800 early in their careers and $105,300 in the middle of their careers. 

    Moreover, LSU ranks fourth among the 14 SEC institutions in early-career earnings, behind Vanderbilt ($65,400), Texas A&M ($60,600) and University of Florida ($55,800). LSU also ranks fourth in the SEC for mid-career earnings, behind Vanderbilt ($119,100), Texas A&M ($115,700) and Auburn University ($104,500).

    Among the 50 public flagships in the country, meanwhile, LSU’s performance is middling. However, the school still ranks in the top half for both early-career (No. 21) and mid-career earnings (No. 16).

    Check out LSU’s Payscale profile, or access the full report here.

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