LSU AgCenter awards first cannabis-related research funds

    An LSU AgCenter researcher working to develop treatments for people suffering from epileptic seizures is the first recipient of cannabis-related research funds from an agreement between LSU and its growing partner, GB Sciences Louisiana.

    Chris Green, the LSU researcher who won the award, has spent two years looking at the possibility of using various components of the cannabis plant—including cannabidiol, or CBD, oil—to treat epilepsy. He and graduate student Courtney Murr are tracking the behaviors of zebrafish after inducing them with seizures.

    “We hope that this is the first of many projects that researchers at the LSU AgCenter will conduct to further the understanding of the cannabis plant and its efficacy for treating certain medical conditions,” says Ashley Mullens, AgCenter coordinator of external and governmental affairs, in a prepared statement.

    Under the terms of agreement with GB Sciences, LSU will receive $3.4 million or 10% of gross revenue—whichever is greater—over five years, as well as an annual research investment of $500,000 per year from GB Sciences.

    LSU is currently operating its medical marijuana program in partnership with GB Sciences Louisiana under one of the two licenses in Louisiana. Read the full announcement.

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