Louisiana testing final medical marijuana product from LSU-GB Sciences

    Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry took a random sample of the final medical marijuana products produced by LSU AgCenter and GB Sciences this morning, marking another step forward for the budding market that originally expected to have products on pharmacy shelves last September. 

    “Once testing is completed and the product passes for homogeneity, potency and is deemed free of contaminants, it will be ready for distribution,” says LDAF Commissioner Mike Strain in a press release. 

    Test results for the final product should be completed within seven business days, the agency says, though if there are issues with the sample, the testing process could be extended. 

    Ashley Mullens, LSU AgCenter’s medical marijuana program coordinator, told Daily Report last week that they were aiming to have products on pharmacy shelves on Thursday. The first products being released are three tinctures, or extracts, that are meant to be dropped under the tongue. There’s a THC-rich tincture, a CBD-rich tincture, and a tincture with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC.

    Southern University, the other licensed grower, and its sub-contractor, Advanced Biomedics, LLC d/b/a Ilera Holistic Healthcare, received the OK last week to start growing medical marijuana. 

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