Looking for more satisfaction in life? Head to the great outdoors

    New research shows that people who spend two hours or more outdoors are 20% more likely to report being satisfied with their lives, Inc. reports.

    In other words, spending 15-20 minutes a day outside (or in larger chunks of time, like a two-hour hike) makes you significantly happier.

    And make no mistake—a 20% jump is significant. It’s the same as the increase in satisfaction you see from doing regular weekly exercise, or from living in a wealthier neighborhood.

    And it’s very doable.

    The study doesn’t say you need to spend six or more hours outdoors—it’s just two-plus hours a week. That’s just one long walk on the beach on a Saturday, plus a few outdoor lunches during the week. 

    You can also experiment with doing walking meetings, especially if there are trees or other outdoor spaces near your office. Even if you’re getting outside with someone for just 25 minutes, it will give you (and them) a boost. 

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