Lessons successful entrepreneurs learned from being a dad

    Parents who double as entrepreneurs know that raising kids is a learning experience, both for parents and their children. In observance of Father’s Day, Inc.com asked members of its entrepreneur network what lessons parenting has taught them. Here’s what they shared:

    Ryan Akins, regional president of Dale Carnegie—”My daughter has been dancing and playing sports since she was two years old. Currently, she’s a ballerina, but she continually doubts her abilities. In the past, when I mentioned areas she could improve upon, it blew up in my face, and she disengaged from previous sports. I’ve learned to provide encouragement, help her to focus on what she does well, and build on that. Instead of pointing out mistakes, I make suggestions of alternatives for her to try. This strategy translates perfectly to entrepreneurship. In an economy with extremely low unemployment, negative coaching is the surest way to lose top talent.”

    Julian Pscheid, COO and CTO of Emerge Interactive—”While raising our toddler, I learned to approach him like an adult, providing reasoning and logic instead of just telling him how things are. In most cases, he eventually comes to the right conclusion himself and takes the proper action. Sometimes I need to remind myself to apply the same approach with the team members in my business.”

    Manny Padda, founder of New Avenue Capital—”My boys have taught me a lot about tolerance for ambiguity. When my 4-year-old went skiing for the first time, he’d never been on the slopes, was up against countless unknowns, and the weather was terrible. But instead of focusing on those aspects, he just got on his skis and went for it. Entrepreneurs need to embrace that same risk tolerance and adventurous spirit.”

    Read the full story from Inc.com for more about how these parents took lessons from home to the office.  

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