Ordinance allowing scooter rentals still in the works for Baton Rouge

    Local legislation being crafted by the city-parish attorney’s office would allow for two companies to lease scooters within Baton Rouge city limits. 

    That’s according to a preliminary look at the ordinance that was shared at this morning’s Downtown Development District meeting by DDD Executive Director Davis Rhorer. 

    The licensing for the two companies would expire after three years, and initially allows for each company to manage up to 100 scooters, with the option to expand to 250 after 90 days. 

    Rhorer says he’s been talking with Kelvin Hill and Adam Knapp about the regulations. The city-parish attorney’s office has been working on the ordinance since late 2019

    Additionally, the scooters could not be operated on sidewalks or parked in a way that obstructs pedestrians. 

    Licensed companies would be required to share usage data with city-parish officials every month and post real-time data on device locations. Companies would pay an application fee, annual per-device fee and performance bond for each device. 

    Scooters would have to be rebalanced daily by the managing companies and picked up within two hours of a complaint being filed. Violations could lead to suspension of the licensing permit. 

    Crafting electric scooter regulations became a concern to some Baton Rouge officials after scooter-sharing company Bird expanded into Louisiana in November 2018, launching its first fleet of scooters in Lafayette. At the time of its launch, company representatives told Daily Report they’d like to bring their scooters to Baton Rouge but had no expansion plans to announce. Bird has since pulled out of the Louisiana market. 

    Baton Rouge’s bike-share partner Gotcha has also previously expressed its interest in launching its own scooter sharing program in the city.