‘LaPolitics:’ Supreme Court race worth watching

    As Business Report’s Executive Editor JR Ball recently pointed out, there’s a lot more going on this election cycle other than the governor’s race. A prime example can be found in the black robe category of this year’s election pageant.

    That spotlight race will feature a ground war for the First District seat on the Louisiana Supreme Court. The field doesn’t exactly offer much of a variety, with four men running as Republicans to serve on the state’s highest court. But it should have some political action nonetheless.

    This election in the New Orleans suburbs is an interesting one, and it should begin to heat up the shores over the next couple weeks. Plus, trial attorneys and the business lobby love to play in these high profile judicial races, with the former besting the latter more times than not.

    Running are Appellate Judge Will Crain of Madisonville and Richard Ducote of Covington, as well as Appellate Judge Hans Liljeberg and District Judge Scott Schlegel, both of Metairie.

    In earned media competition, Ducote got to first base this month when he “filed a lawsuit to declare the state statute calling for secrecy in judicial investigations unconstitutional.” 

    Politically, Crain, an appeals judge, is at the heart of a campaign that’s gaining the attention of industry leaders and company heads. When it comes to cash and outside spending, he probably feels fairly comfortable.

    From a regional perspective, the voter-rich region of Metairie is going to be a battleground, with both Liljeberg and Schlegel looking to protect and gobble up turf.

    A few local politicos have described Schlegel as a “wild card” who could turn heads over time, and he could be positioned to siphon conservative support away from Crain. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming endorsements.

    They said it: “One thing I love about my job: There’s never a recession in Louisiana politics.”—GAMBIT’s Clancy DuBos, on WWL-TV.

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