‘LaPolitics:’ Scalise talks Trump impeachment

    Over the past few months rumors, innuendos and talk of possible impeachment charges have plagued Capitol Hill amid multiple investigations into President Donald Trump.

    Minority Whip Steve Scalise, speaking to LaPolitics last week, said he believes his Democratic counterparts in the House will attempt to remove Trump from office before the end of his term.

    “Many have said publicly, some have pushed forward privately,” he said, “but everything they’re doing shows that they are leading up to impeachment just to appease their radical left base.”

    In Scalise’s view, the focus on impeachment is preventing Congress from moving forward with legislative priorities.

    “When you look at what they’re spending all their days on right now, focusing on impeaching the president even though there’s no evidence to impeach. There was no collusion, but they don’t care,” Scalise said. “They’re still going down that rat hole instead of focusing on real problems like securing the border.”

    Scalise also noted he and fellow Republicans hope to see investigations instead into intelligence agencies and what he sees as political misuses of authority within the federal government.

    “There’s going to be some investigation looking into the abuses of power within some of our intelligence agencies, and I feel it’s very important to do that because they’ve got to root out the bad apples to restore the full integrity of the FBI,” he said.

    They said it: “It’s not necessarily what’s best for the state of Louisiana, a lot of times it’s best for the lobbyists who are lobbying.”—Rep. Terry Brown, I-Colfax.

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