‘LaPolitics:’ Local elections matter, too, and there are a lot

    When voters head to the polls to complete the runoff process next week, many of them will select individuals to help manage their parishes and cities.

    While politicos and non-politicos alike give little mind to assessors and sheriffs from locales where they don’t reside, those officials can nonetheless get a phone call returned from a lawmaker faster than most wheel-greasing lobbyists.

    One of those scheduled runoff contests has already been decided in Ascension Parish, where President-elect Clint Cointment was declared unopposed when former ATC Commissioner Murphy J. Painter withdrew. 

    In other parishes, there are 14 races for sheriff, five for assessor, five for clerk, four for parish president and two for mayor.

    From the ranks of soon-to-be former legislators, Sen. Mike Walsworth and Rep. Andy Anders are in runoffs for clerk jobs and Rep. Steve Pugh has made it to the final round for a mayoral post. 

    While there are no parishwide leadership positions up in the Nov. 16 runoff elections for East Baton Rouge Parish, there are several local legislative and judicial positions yet to be decided:  

    Senate District 16: Democrat Beverly Brooks Thompson and Republican Frank Foil 

    BESE District 6: Republicans Ronnie Morris and Republican Gregory Spiers   

    House District 62: Independent Roy Daryl Adams and Republican Johnny Arceneaux 

    House District 67: Democrat Larry Selders and Democrat Leah Cullins  

    House District 68: Democrat Taryn C. Branson and Republican Scott McKnight 

    House District 70: Democrat Belinda Davis and Republican Barabra Freiberg  

    District Judge, 19th Judicial District: Democrat Ron Johnson and Republican Trae Welch

    (To read Publisher Rolfe McCollister’s endorsments in key statewide and local runoff races, click here.)  

    They said it: (Presidential pally edition) “Unless you’re happy with crappy, I want you to vote for Eddie Rispone for governor,”—U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, during Wednesday night’s GOP/White House rally in Monroe

    “I don’t mean any disrespect, but it must suck to be that dumb,”—Kennedy, on U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    “I was elected to be president of the United States, not president of the world,”—President Donald Trump. 

    “We need something different if we’re going to be different,”—GOP candidate for governor Eddie Rispone of Baton Rouge. 

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