Johnson meets with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene amid ousting effort

    U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson and Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene plan to meet privately Tuesday amid her calls for him to resign or face a floor vote that could remove the Louisiana Republican from leadership, Louisiana Illuminator reports.

    Greene announced the meeting Monday evening after she and Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie met privately with Johnson for two hours over disagreements about how he’s been running the House with a narrow GOP majority.

    Greene, speaking briefly to reporters outside the speaker’s office, remained tight lipped over what the trio discussed, but expressed they talked about ways to move forward. 

    “Let me tell you, I have been patient. I have been diligent. I have been steady. And I’ve been focused on the facts,” Greene said. “And none of that has changed. So I just had a long discussion with the speaker in his office about ways to move forward for a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.”

    Greene, standing next to Massie, then said they would be meeting again on Tuesday.

    The congresswoman repeatedly has expressed her anger that Johnson has brought successful pieces of legislation to the House floor with bipartisan backing. Some of those recent bipartisan measures include government funding packages in March and military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan in April.

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