Inside this Baton Rouge native’s Spanish vineyard

    Baton Rouge native Christopher Scott Myers traveled from continent to continent before falling under the spell of the southern Spanish town of Ronda.

    The town looks like a postcard, set atop sheer limestone cliffs 400 feet above a gorge.

    In this spectacular scenery, Myers now finds himself the owner of a winery and 8-acre vineyard. He spends his days among dirt rows and is anticipating the release of the first bottles under his Bodega Luis y Ana label in 2020. Bodega Luis y Ana’s first harvest in October of 2018 was a thrilling moment for Myers.

    The farm has a capacity of 12,000 to 15,000 bottles, which he says is a “drop in the bucket in the world of wine,” but fits with his desire to start small and eventually grow his production size, either by buying grapes or by acquiring more land.

    At first glance, it might seem an unusual venture for a former finance major from south Louisiana, but for Myers, this adventure feels a lot like coming home.

    Read inRegister’s full story about Myers’ unlikely business from the June edition of the magazine.

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