Inside the world of CSRS 

    If there’s a major design, development, planning or transportation infrastructure project in south Louisiana, there’s a good chance Baton Rouge-based CSRS is involved in it.

    The firm was recently awarded the program management contract to oversee the bulk of what will be the largest public works program in East Baton Rouge Parish history—the $1.2 billion MovEBR package of road improvement projects.

    It’s working with the state to relocate a coastal community to higher ground, and is in the running for a separate state contract to manage some $1.2 billion worth of flood control projects.

    It serves as program manager for EBR Schools, where it manages school building projects, and is wrapping up nearly three years of work helping the school system—and several other local governmental agencies—navigate the complex, federally funded recovery and rebuilding process that followed the August 2016 flood.

    It’s also engaged in a public-private partnership with LSU, serving as program manager of the university’s Nicholson Gateway mixed-use development, which was completed in 2018, as well as its building plan for residence halls, which is currently underway.

    And that’s just some of the work it’s doing in the public sector. CSRS does land-use planning, engineering and resiliency work for private clients, too, including Raising Cane’s, and several local land-use developments.

    It’s a diverse array of sectors to be involved in, which is not unusual for a large engineering-design-program management firm. What makes CSRS interesting and somewhat unique, though, is that it’s really not all that big—at least, not by national standards.

    Sure, a company with $29 million in revenues and 130 employees is a somebody in Baton Rouge. But compared to the worldwide players with which it both competes and partners, depending on the project—AECOM or HNTB, to name just two with revenues in the billions—CSRS is really just a big fish in a small pond.

    That the firm has been so successful on so many local fronts is due to several factors with a single, common thread through. 

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