Influential Woman in Business: Ginger Laurent of Louisiana Bankers Association

    (Collin Richie)

    It all started with a phone call.

    Ginger Laurent’s career in banking began one summer when she was looking for some part-time student work. At just 15, her options were a little limited, but that didn’t stop her from calling the Bank of New Roads, setting an appointment with the bank president and asking for a job.

    It worked.

    “I think about that now, and how I just called the bank president and asked for a job?” says Laurent, who was named one of Business Report’s 2022 Influential Women in Business. “Prior to that, I didn’t think of banking as a career option.”

    That kind of plucky resolve has followed Laurent ever since, and today she is CEO of the Louisiana Bankers Association, working on behalf of an industry she has loved quite literally since she was a teenager.

    “It really has been just a tremendous opportunity all the way around,” Laurent says. “When I worked at a bank, it was an awesome experience because you got to work with a team of people, and you got to help make a difference in clients’ lives supporting the community.” 

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