Imelda forces closure of ExxonMobil plant near Louisiana-Texas line 

    ExxonMobil said it has shuttered its petrochemical operations in Beaumont and is weighing doing the same for its massive oil refinery as severe rainfall and flooding from Tropical Storm Imelda continues, The Houston Chronicle reports. 

    The storm, since downgraded to a tropical depression, has battered much of the Gulf Coast south while sparing the Baton Rouge area. 

    ExxonMobil’s Beaumont refinery is one of the largest in the region and transforms 370,000 barrels of oil a day to produce gasoline and other fuels. The refinery is undergoing a major expansion, as part of the companies recent investments in the region.   

    In other news from ExxonMobil, Talos Energy today announced plans to buy oil prospect positions in the Gulf of Mexico from ExxonMobil south of New Orleans. Talos will acquire the Hershey prospect from ExxonMobil in four adjacent blocks for an undisclosed cost.

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