Husband-wife veterans start seasoning biz to feed, shelter the homeless

    Although discharged from official naval duties, Navy veterans Rollen and Lakondra “Connie” Hines are “still serving” south Louisiana with their seasoning business, The Daily Advertiser reports.

    The couple formed C&P’s Clap-N-Praise Seasoning from recipes they developed during date-night cooking competitions with family and friends, and decided to turn their home spice recipes into a brand to help fund their family-run project. Their spices are making their way into grocery stores and are available on their website.

    For the past five years, the couple has fed and sheltered homeless people in Acadiana out of their pockets, playfully calling themselves “2 Navy Vets Still Serving.” When they were feeding up to 200 people monthly, they decided to organize into an L3C named the 2 Navy Vets Foundation.

    “This brand isn’t really about the seasoning but about the people we help through the 2 Navy Vets Foundation,” Rollen says. “When you purchase our seasoning your helping lift the less fortunate of Acadiana.”

    Through the foundation, Rollen and Connie help to connect local veterans and non-veterans to homeless shelters, rehab programs and VA medical centers. Read the full story.  

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