How to write a job description that reels in the best applicants

    To attract the best candidates for an open position at your company, avoid the cookie-cutter job description, Glassdoor reports. Instead, focus on making your descriptions on-point and easy to digest, selling not only the job but also your organization and employer brand.

    The article—which originally appeared on Glassdoor—recommends five best practices to entice the most qualified applicants. Among them:

    • Conduct a job analysis: Talk to some of the people who will be working with the new hire: superiors, colleagues and direct reports. Ask yourself questions like, “What internal or external pressure on your company has caused this job opening?” and “How have the demands of this job changed over the past five years at your company?”
    • Create a great job title: Considering what your ideal candidate finds attractive, be specific with titles and include a detail about the job; this would turn your “Marketing Manager” job title into something like “Marketing Manager – Online Community Engagement.” Also, include keywords you need for your job to be seen in search results.

    For more tips, read the full story.

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