How to take time off when you’re working from home

    Taking breaks and days off can feel strange when so many people are still working from home, but you still need to do it, Fast Company reports.

    A recent survey by jobs site Monster found that roughly 50% of respondents who were working from home during the pandemic are feeling burned out. And 52% of respondents aren’t planning to take any time off. That’s a problem, according to performance coaches, who acknowledge it’s tough to create an excuse to carve out some time for yourself when everyone knows you’re homebound.

    Still, some strategies can help you rein in the work, establish some boundaries and get that much-needed free time. They boil down to two key elements: Assessing your resources, which can help you get a better handle on your personal tasks and creating routines, which can help you avoid the tendency to overschedule.

    The top advice: Break down your day into 30-minute increments and assign tasks to those times, carving out breaks for yourself every 90 minutes or so to maximize your ability to focus. Read the full story.

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