How to get the best home office set up

    If you commute to an office every day, the occasional work-from-home day can be a nice break. However, an increasing number of companies have transitioned away from centralized headquarters and experts are now calling remote work the “new normal.”

    Fast Company interviewed four CEOs who head remote companies—Jason Fried of Basecamp, Clark Valberg of InVision, Sara Sutton of FlexJobs, and Zack Onisko of Dribbble—about how they designed their personal offices.

    The most important thing is that your workspace has a door or some other solid separation from the rest of the house. Clark Valberg, CEO of the digital design platform InVision, says locking the door is important too because it enforces the distinction between home and office.  

    Sutton also recommends starting with a bare, clean room—no clutter. Then, see how it works for you before you start adding furniture, technology, and decor that you think will help you create your ultimate working environment. When adding any decorations, evaluate whether they will distract or help you, because working from home can already be rife with distractions.

    The CEOs also recommend including a second chair, one that is different from your desk chair. Valberg, for example, has a hulking green lounge chair on the other side of the room from his desk because sitting in it helps him shift his perspective on his work.

    Read the full story from Fast Company about how to maximize your home office.

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