How to break the office complaining cycle 

    Everyone complains at work every now and then. It’s normal, and it can even be cathartic to work out a little stress. 

    But everyone has also worked with someone who is a chronic complainer: the person who seemingly finds fault with everything their coworkers and managers say or do. Complaining can become a bad habit or a fallback way of communication among groups of people with common grievances and bog down the group. 

    Steve Farber, founder of the Extreme Leadership Institute, suggests these three tips to make a “complaint cleanse” in a recent Inc. guest column:

    1. Analyze the complaints and address their root issues. 
    2. Remember what the good stuff is and encourage it in others. Try keeping a gratitude journal. 
    3. Stop giving your problems all the power. Rather than holding onto imperfections, try to actively think about something affirmative or positive. 

    Read the full story from Business Report.

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