How the Pangburn Group fosters a sense of community for its employees 

    There’s a lot going on inside the stately, red brick office building on Major Parkway in New Roads, the base of operations for a homegrown company called The Pangburn Group—Business Report’s Best Places to Work winner in the mid-sized company category.

    Launched in 1996 by Brian Pangburn and his late father, Wayne Pangburn, the business provides record-keeping services for nonqualified benefit plans and employer-owned life insurance using company-designed proprietary software. The business, with its team of 57 employees, serves about 2,000 clients around the country, including corporations, financial institutions and banks.

    Providing a niche service in a field with few national peers, The Pangburn Group has grown significantly, expanding from its original location in the basement of the Smith-LBA Insurance Company in New Roads to a second space and then a third. 

    Day-to-day operations see employees crunching numbers and sweating details to help keep their clients in compliance. But while they spend a lot of time poring over records, they also enjoy a workplace culture that fosters a sense of community.

    Chief Operating Officer Trisha Morrison says the company’s congenial vibe is fed by its hiring process. New employees must have the right aptitude, and they must be able to get things done without direct supervision.  

    Formal and informal employee gatherings foster a sense of team. An on-site outdoor kitchen and recreational space makes it possible for the group to gather outside for employee socials. There’s also a basketball court, and a large green where groups play kickball. Employees get together for other social events including afternoons at False River or shooting pool in neighborhood watering holes.

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