Entrepreneur: How the founder of Pass It Down got his start

    Chris Cummings has been on a winning streak the past few years. 

    In 2019, the LSU grad won the Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week High-Stakes Pitch Competition, which came with a $100,000 investment prize and a caveat that he move the company he founded, Pass It Down, from Tennessee to Louisiana. Cummings moved the company, which builds software templates for digital storytelling, into the Louisiana Tech Park in January 2020. Despite the pandemic, it was a year of growth. 

    Cummings, a Shreveport native, hails from a strong lineage of entrepreneurship, and moved to Baton Rouge to go to LSU. At 18, he became his mother’s power of attorney as she struggled with multiple sclerosis and dementia. The experience led him to LSU’s law school, and after a few years of practicing law while helping his father scale his tech company, Cummings was offered a gig to lead a venture capital firm in Tennessee. 

    Through the experience he learned that he preferred building tech companies. He began mulling over ideas he’d sketched and was inspired to bring them to life by his mother’s struggles, and in 2015 he founded Pass It Down in Chattanooga.  

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