How Matt Flynn went from the football field to science lab 

    Matt Flynn remembers struggling to stay properly hydrated on the field as far back as his early days of playing little league football in the oppressive east Texas heat. 

    But it wasn’t until long after the quarterback had become a local hero by leading LSU to the 2007 BCS National Championship that he came upon something that really quenched his thirst. It was 2014, while in his second stint with the Green Bay Packers, when Flynn received a carefully crafted concoction from a team dietitian that aimed to replace exactly what the body loses through sweat—without all the extra ingredients commonly found in sports drinks. 

    Flynn felt the difference almost immediately. 

    “It didn’t just help with the physical effects of dehydration—cramping and heat exhaustion—it also helped mentally. Hydration is the foundation of the human body, and once I took care of that, everything worked better.” 

    Knowing he was near the end of his NFL playing days, Flynn started to see the hydration business as a potential career path after professional football. When he retired, Flynn returned to where he had close relationships with athletes and athletic programs—and where he knew the climate was more than hot enough to be the perfect testing ground for new hydration products: Baton Rouge. 

    In 2015 he founded MyHy, short for MyHydration, and began conducting his own sweat studies, working with local high school and college athletes. He came up with a liquid concentrate that boosts electrolytes. His first sales were to sports teams, but he soon recognized a need in the construction industry for reliable hydration products. 

    “I really saw a huge void in the quality of products available for working men and women. Most athletes can educate themselves on what they need or they have trainers, but in the safety world people work outside for eight to 10 hours a day, five to seven days a week. They’re sweating more than athletes.” 

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