How iOS 13 and Android Q updates will change your smartphone

    Year after year, Apple and Google announce big upgrades for their smartphone operating systems.

    The annual upgrades, which are free, improve our devices by fixing bugs and strengthening security, but they can be intimidating because every update includes hundreds of new features. Both upgrades are expected by the fall.

    To drill down on the most important changes, The New York Times tested an early version of Android Q and got an early look at iOS 13. Here’s what you need to know:

    Apple phones, new and old will gain speed because the operating system will reduce the data size of apps, meaning apps will start and download faster.

    • Dark modes are coming to both iOS and Android. Both versions replace white backgrounds with dark colors, ranging from gray to black, depending on how an app’s interface is layered. Dark mode can reduce battery consumption because fewer pixels need to be lit up, and it will make screens easier on the eyes when reading in the dark.

    Both systems include privacy enhancements. In tech land, privacy has been the most prominent topic for the last few years, and Apple and Google are promising privacy enhancements in their next mobile operating systems. Read the full story.

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