How AI can impact worker dynamics and team huddles 

    As workplace cultures settle into the new normal of using AI applications at work, researchers with the Harvard Business Review say we’re beginning to see how GenAI tools will impact our conversational habits, which direct what we say and who we hear.

    AI offers workers and managers a plethora of productivity hacks, but researchers warn there are downsides to inviting AI to join in on meetings. If workers rely too heavily on AI to listen for them, they may skip critical thinking through an issue to understand key messages. While meetings may be cut shorter, understanding of the messages presented may be lost. 

    While many organizations support and try to cultivate a pro-feedback culture in their offices, an AI bot, unlike a traditional worker, will not get embarrassed and isn’t afraid to speak up. Soon, AI bots may be giving workers feedback on their virtual presences with statistics on who interrupts meetings and how often, their body language and who uses exclusionary language. 

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