Here’s the latest on the constitutional convention

    Supporters of the proposed Louisiana constitutional convention gave more details on Wednesday regarding their intentions for the overhaul of the state’s foundational governing document, Louisiana Illuminator reports

    Backers said they don’t intend to touch the state’s popular homestead exemption on property taxes or the K-12 public school funding structure if they convene for a convention this summer. 

    Rep. Beau Beaullieu, R-New Iberia, who filed House Bill 800, amended his legislation to protect the tax break and public school funding from changes as well as took language out of the proposal that would have allowed private funding to pay for the session.
    “Our convention is not for sale,” Beaullieu said. “Our convention has never been for sale.” 

    House Bill 800 would call state lawmakers and 27 gubernatorial appointees into a two-week meeting from May 20 to June 3 to revise the state’s 50-year-old constitution. Two-thirds of lawmakers in each chamber must approve the measure for the convention to be scheduled. 

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