Here’s the latest on the congressional district map lawsuit

    The trio of federal judges who rejected Louisiana’s new congressional map has asked the Secretary of State for a hard deadline on the latest a map can be in place to conduct elections this fall, the USA Today Network reports. 

    The trio issued a 2-1 decision last week saying the state’s new congressional map designed in January by lawmakers to create a second Black majority district was unconstitutional. The ruling leaves Louisiana without a congressional map, casting doubt over what this fall’s elections for the state’s U.S. House members could look like. 

    “The secretary of state has consistently said May 15 is a hard, real deadline,” Attorney General Liz Murrill said in an emailed statement. “Yet the panel seems inclined toward creating more chaos in our congressional elections in a presidential election year.

    “While we will not have a definitive ruling for another day at least, we appear to be heading to the Supreme Court this week. My position has been clear: (The overturned map) is the current will of the Legislature and should be implemented. If that isn’t an option, for whatever reason, then (the map) from the 2022 session, which is what’s currently loaded in the system, should remain in place while this matter goes up to the Supreme Court.”

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