Guaranty Media lets go of three local Talk 107.3 hosts

    Today was the last day on air for Talk 107.3 radio hosts Kevin Gallagher, Bill Profita and Clarence Buggs, who have been let go by Guaranty Media.

    After Gallagher and Profita wrapped up their AM Baton Rouge show this morning, company officials broke the news that they would be terminated, along with Buggs, host of The Clarence Buggs Show.

    Profita says they were told “times are tight and it’s a business decision,” which is something he understands, even if it came as a surprise.

    “It was unexpected,” he says. “But everyone in the media business knows there are fluctuations and variations and this can happen. The advertising market is a little soft right now, and it’s pricey to run radio talk shows.”

    Guaranty Media Vice President and General Manager Gordy Rush confirms the move was a business decision. He says the AM Baton Rouge show will stay local with Talk 107.3’s Brian Haldane hosting, while the rest of the daily lineup will remain. The station will pick up Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Show.

    “We’re still committed as ever to talk radio,” Rush says. “We’re excited about the opportunity to pick up Fox News Radio, and we’re also looking at some other options.”

    Profita has been an on-air talent with Guaranty Media since 2011, he says, while Gallagher joined the company a few years later. The two began co-hosting AM Baton Rouge about five years ago. Buggs has been on Talk 107.3 since 2012.

    Talk 107.3 launched in 2011 as a live and local radio talk show focused on what’s going on in the Capital Region from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. every weekday.

    “I enjoyed my time there. I enjoyed the audience,” Profita says. “They’ve always been very kind to me. My alarm clock would go off at 3:15 in the morning every day, and I was anxious to go to work. It’s something I will miss.”


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