Guaranty Corp. buys Jay Ducote businesses and brand

    Baton Rouge-based Guaranty Corporation, which counts four local radio stations among its holdings, has acquired the brand and businesses of homegrown food celebrity Jay Ducote, who will be increasing his media presence on Guaranty’s 107.3-FM by hosting its weekday afternoon drive-time talk show.

    Though financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, Guaranty President and CEO Flynn Foster says his company bought Ducote’s three limited liability companies—Bite and Booze, Hug JD and Government Taco—and has created a new division of Guaranty, Jay Ducote: A Hospitality LLC, which Ducote will head as president.

    Ducote and the 15 employees who worked for him are now employees of Guaranty.

    “We believe in brands and Jay Ducote is a big brand,” Foster says. “What we are trying to do in this new, modern media world is attach ourselves to big brands like him, influencers, who can do things video-wise, podcast wise.”

    For Ducote—a self-made success, who juggles an online presence with an existing Saturday afternoon radio show on 107.3, a food company that produces packaged goods and condiments, a taco stand in White Star Market and a host of celebrity appearances, including stints on Food TV—being owned, corporately speaking, will give him an opportunity to focus on creating and growing his brand.

    “It’s going to be a little different for me, but I think it is only going to make things significantly better and allow me the freedom and flexibility to create instead of getting bogged down in small business administration matters like payroll and management.”

    One of the biggest opportunities for Ducote will come with hosting a prime time radio show from 4-6 p.m. on Talk 107.3. Called The Jay Ducote Show. He says the format will be entertaining and lifestyle oriented, not partisan and political.

    “By the drive home, people want something fun and entertaining and not political BS and that is my goal,” he says. “I have a Master’s in political science so if I have to talk politics I can. But my goal is to move away from that. If I have politicians on the show, I’m going to ask them about their take on the chicken sandwich debate, not their platform.”

    As for Government Taco, Ducote says for now the restaurant will remain in White Star, which opened in May 2018, though eventually, it may relocate.

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