From pet paternity leave to grocery stipends, companies offering pandemic perks

    In the current crisis, business leaders feel a heightened urgency to boost morale with thoughtful extras, such as grocery stipends, mental health hours and pet paternity leave, Inc. reports

    For employers rethinking their companies’ benefits packages in light of the coronavirus pandemic, there are several ways to help keep teams happy, healthy and engaged.

    First, create options for parents who aren’t comfortable sending their kids to school or using in-home sitters. This could mean offering flexible work hours, chipping in for virtual babysitting or tutoring, sending kid-focused subscription boxes with meals or activities, or simply giving employees a stipend to use for child care-related expenses.

    Additionally, consider either letting employees expense meals or groceries, or replacing office snacks with home delivery. Companies like SnackNation and SnackMagic will deliver packaged treats to workers’ homes, while Fringe’s platform, which allows employers to allocate points to individual workers that can be redeemed for a wide variety of benefits and discounts, offers food-delivery services, grocery boxes and even coffee and tea subscriptions.

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