Fred’s in Tigerland planning $2.5M patio

    A new $2.5 million patio is planned for Fred’s in Tigerland, an addition owner Marc Fraioli says is a step in upgrading the area and ultimately making it safer.

    Fraioli, who’s operated Fred’s for 37 years, told the Planning Commission yesterday that the two-story, brick addition would be next to the existing building and include a new stage and bathrooms. The patio will be 4,505 square feet, according to a planning staff report.

    Fraioli, who lives two miles from the business, told the commission he has a vested interest in reducing crime in the area. To help, he says he’ll work to increase lighting outside the bar and in the parking lot.

    “Tigerland has a bad name and, believe me, I’ve wished for years I could take my bar and move it to another location, but I guess I am a victim of my own success out there,” Fraioli told the commission.

    The commission unanimously approved Fraioli’s request for the Bob Pettit Boulevard property to be rezoned from heavy commercial to commercial alcoholic beverage use, but will need the Metro Council’s approval to move forward.

    Fraioli was unable to be reached before this afternoon’s deadline for more information.

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