Flex time helps Baton Rouge’s working women

    Baton Rouge companies are offering flexible, or ‘flex,’ work opportunities as a way to retain high-performing women it might otherwise lose to caregiving responsibilities, The Network reports.

    Such policies and practices—which allow employees to adjust their work schedules to accommodate their personal needs—are intended to promote greater work-life balance, ultimately to the benefit of female professionals caring for children or aging parents.

    The move could also narrow the gender wage gap. One study by the University of Massachusetts indicates women typically get a 4% pay cut for each child they have (a “motherhood penalty”), while men get a 6% pay increase on average (a “fatherhood bonus”).

    “For a long time, men have supported each other in the workplace, but in the past 20 years, women have been entering with a higher level of confidence and more of a desire to become leaders,” Robin Mayhall, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana’s senior writer, told The Network. “We’ve started supporting each other in that quest.”

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