Fearing 2016 repeat, Baton Rouge businesses are bracing for Barry

    Nearly three years after August 2016 floodwaters inundated much of the Capital Region, business owners and staff are preparing their shopfronts Friday morning for Tropical Storm Barry, expected to hit Baton Rouge tomorrow morning. 

    Mark Peirce, owner of The Royal Standard on Perkins Road, is particularly concerned about the impending storm because his store near Highland Road flooded in 2016. He’s spending his morning moving product off the showroom floor. 

    “We’re primarily worried about rising water, not so much wind,” says Peirce.  

    It’s just the opposite for Ashlyn Krielow, a sales associate with Red Onion on Perkins Road, where the wind that’s supposed to accompany the storm is more worrisome than possible flooding. 

    “As far as immediate damage, the wind will be the most damaging to our plants,” Krielow says, adding she’s securing the stores plants in the greenhouse, which is outfitted with a pump in the event of flooding.

    The track for Tropical Storm Barry has slightly shift west from Baton Rouge, according to the National Weather Service, and is expected to move west-northwest through Friday before making an eventual turn to the north- northwest early Saturday. The heavy rains accompanying the storm is among the biggest concerns for the Baton Rouge region, as well as strong damaging winds and a possibility for a few weak tornadoes. 

    Track the latest storm updates from the National Weather Service, and check out this Daily Report story from earlier this week for information on how to prepare your business for the storm. 

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