Executive Spotlight: Walk-Ons Enterprises President and CEO Scott Taylor  

    Coming off a year in which sales expanded 82%, Walk-On’s is expecting even greater growth this year. President and CEO Scott Taylor says the company is on track in 2019 to double in size, projecting to open 17 franchise locations by year-end while awarding 25 more as it strategically expands its footprint.

    As he describes in Business Report’s new Executive Spotlight Q&A, Taylor got his start in the restaurant business at age 13, bussing tables and washing dishes at the Roma Lodge in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He says he learned the value of moving fast when it comes to food service, and to appreciate the power that came with his own income.  

    Read the full Q&A with Taylor. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

    The Walk-On’s menu has a pretty distinctive Louisiana flair. Does that ever make opening restaurants in other states a challenge, and if so, how do you address that?

    We really believe that Louisiana cuisine and culture work very well across the country. That being said, only about 25% of our menu is truly Louisiana items. Our scratch kitchen and focus on food quality will always separate us from other brands as we grow across the country. As we have opened in markets outside of Louisiana, we see the sales of “Louisiana” items like fried alligator or duck and andouille gumbo selling at a higher percentage than locations in Louisiana.”

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