‘Everything’s a struggle’: Why recent college grads feel ‘lost’ in professional world

    Young professionals, absent the semester grades of college life, can experience a feedback vacuum in the professional world—constantly wondering if they need to improve and how they can develop the skills necessary to improve at their firm and in their career, Harvard Business Review reports. It’s one of the key factors playing out in the underemphasized—yet significant—cultural shift that occurs in their transition from college to the professional world.

    Recent college graduates are also used to building relationships with people they like, who are for the most part around their age. But in professional settings, it’s a more strategic process that involves interacting regularly with people of different ages, backgrounds and interests—some of whom they don’t like.

    There’s also much more at stake in the business world than in college, with mistakes having potentially career-altering consequences. If you fail a key assignment or mismanage an interaction with a supplier, you can’t ask for extra credit.

    These are among the reasons 54 recent college graduates interviewed said they were “exhausted,” “lost” and “anxious” transitioning from the classroom to the office.

    It might be easy to write these employees off as lazy, self-absorbed and entitled millennials, but it’s also important for employers to note they’re experiencing a major life transition. Here’s how to ease them into workplace success.

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