East Baton Rouge home to mostly native-born residents

    Nearly three-quarters of adults living in East Baton Rouge Parish were born in Louisiana, Governing reports, one of many small regions interspersed throughout the United States where nearly everyone seems to have grown up nearby.

    The native-born makeup of East Baton Rouge—some 71.5% of adults age 25 and older, or 200,200 people—is significantly higher than the national average of roughly half of U.S. adults living in the state where they were born. In some counties in Florida and Nevada, as few as one in 10 adults were born in-state.

    Other parishes in the Capital Region also had high concentrations of native-born residents, such as Iberville (90.1%), West Baton Rouge (83.6%), Ascension (77.3%) and West Feliciana (74.2%).

    South Louisiana, in general, has the highest share (roughly 75%) of natives in the nation. Transplants are especially rare in south Louisiana outside the New Orleans area, with the highest rates nationally all in rural south Louisiana parishes, including Cajun country.

    Why do some areas have vastly more native-born residents than others? Sometimes, it’s because of a place’s ability to retain residents, particularly younger adults, Governing reports. But more commonly, the concentration is the result of a failure to attract outsiders due to a lack of economic opportunity.

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