Does the city-parish owe St. George a refund of past taxes paid?

    The leaders of the St. George incorporation effort are asking the city-parish to return tax dollars paid by St. George residents, WBRZ-TV reports

    While residents voted to incorporate in 2019, the incorporation was put on hold as different courts mulled an injunction filed by Mayor Sharon Weston Broome and Metro Council member Lamont Cole. The Louisiana Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favor of incorporation, and Andrew Murrell, spokesperson for St. George, says the new city is owed the money that the city-parish has received since 2019. 

    “As the [Louisiana] Supreme Court correctly pointed out, the citizens of St. George have been subsidizing the city of Baton Rouge for a very long time now, and frankly the citizens of St. George deserve some of their money back,” Murrell says.

    Attorney Mary Olive Pierson, who represents Cole, disagrees, saying St. George residents should pay the city-parish for the services they used. 

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